Adult Eating Lemon Sour Face

Have you wondered what life could be if you can have your ideal body ?

Wearing the good shirt that fits

Looking confidence when meets people

Have a lot of energy that you can use for productive activity, such as create a business, start a new venture, become an athlete, be that model on magazine, and list goes on.

So you’ve read a lot of articles, a lot of books about losing weight right? But still cant applied consistently or you just easily getting demotivated. I know because i’m a lazy man too. Thats why i curated a list that easiest to apply to lose your weight in such a time. Lets get to the list.

Drink a Lot of Mineral Water

*Sigh* , you must be know this trick everytime you found article about losing weight right. Don’t worry, im not gonna sell you anything. This trick is really simplest as it sounds. But the effects is so real. So lets just stick to this habit, drink mineral water everyday. At least drink 1L of mineral water, and bring it to your works, school or when you were travel.

Eat a Lot with Right Food

People always confusing about losing weight you must eat a less. It was wrong. The right way is eat the right food and you can eat any amount of it but don’t go too far.
Eating rights mean you must take a food that have good nutrients that can keep you long lasting day to day. Some examples of good meals is scrambled eggs, yogurts, oatmeals, berries, nuts and such more.

Keep Fast Food as Your Reward

Yeah, you can eat fast food. But as a reward only. Means that you must plan your diet meals and on your cheat day you can have those fast food. But please don’t binge and just make sure you follow your plan. Else you will lose the game. Take it like once a week or once a month. This reward tricks is to keep your brains to please with your diet plan, so that you won’t give up on losing your weight.

Exercise Is a Must

Take 2 times session per week is already ok. Just do some little exercise with 30min or less per session. You can do any exercise that you like, there’s no rule here as long as you just do it. Here is some example of exercise that can lose your weight :

  • Jumping rope
  • Running
  • Treadmills
  • Stationery bikes
  • Use stairs instead of elevator
  • Yoga