Eating healthy does not require such a lot of money and effort. Sometimes we missed look at simple food that are already existed in our kitchen/refrigerator by didn’t know that what they can effect to our body if we consume them.

Some food becomed expensive is because they are through the process of production, so thats why it cost us a lot of money because they are easy to get and consume. Just buy and eats.

So talking about eating healthy in cheapest way is we must skip the production food and drink that we being advertised for.

Lets get started to the list of good food/drink that are healthy and cheapest.

Drink more Water

Water is and essence to our body, it is easy to get everywhere and it does cost very little to get them, sometimes they are even free to get!
So drink more water is one of good options to eat healthy in cheapest way which is many people should take at least 1Litre of water per day or more.

Eat More Eggs

Eggs is cheap, eggs is rich in protein, eggs is rich in vitamins!
So next time, try having a breakfast with some eggs, it can be scramble eggs, boiled eggs, omelet and much more!

Learn to Cook

Instead of spending expensive meal at outside. Try to learn yourself how to cook delicous meal. It saved a lot of times, money and you gain a new hobby that is benefit to your lifetime!

Use More Fruit & Vegetables in Your Meals

Make your daily lunch or dinner more this stuff than meats or ready-made meals. This cost you less to make, and you can have them in various style and recipes. You can check some of recipes that i’ve curated here.

Don’t Go to Your Grocery When You Were Hungry

Facts that when you were hungry, you tend to pick a lot of item that you brain think you needed to eats. Next day, you found out that you lose to your thought because you just spend a lot of money spending the things that are not really needed. So spend wisely next time, don’t go shopping when you were hungry!

Have you tried some of these ideas?